Know Your City!

A colleague of mine refuses to ever go anywhere in his car without using the vehicle’s navigation system: even if it’s his own house!!! It has gotten to a point that he has no clue where he is or how to get anywhere on his own. Unfortunately for me, I have been trapped in his car several times where I know where to go but am ignored in favor of the computerized voice that never seems to get anything right. In fact, recently, although I knew a short cut, he opted to follow the blue line in the navigation system. Consequently, we ended up going on a 30 minute detour only to follow my directions in the end.

To make matters worse, the navigation system lists nearby restaurants. Although I know where to go eat in my city, my friend again, decides to ignore me only to find that his navigation system isn’t exactly up to date and the restaurants it lists may have been, and often are, closed. So, we end up going to the restaurant I initially thought up. My friend is a sharp guy but doesn’t seem to learn his lesson. A navigation system is best used outside of your own city or in unfamiliar parts of your city–where you don’t know your way around. It’s like always using a calculator to add or spell check to write. Eventually your adding and spelling skills diminish. Overusing a navigation system is the same. As a Miamian, on principal alone, I refuse to fully depend on a computer to tell me how to get somewhere in my own city! My friend, however, will argue that I’m just mad that I don’t own a navigation system.


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