Cardinal Development Press Release for 3333 Biscayne

Brickell-based Cardinal Development (builder of Baylofts, New Wave, Cocowalk, and Cardinal Symphony), a self touted pioneer in development, has publicized their first press release for 3333 Biscayne

I enjoy reading press releases for new projects. They tend to be filled with unusual adjectives describing the building’s design, features, and lifestyle concept, but more importantly, by reading these, one can surmise what type of buyer the developer is targeting. 3333 Biscayne, a medium scale office-condo development on the east side of Biscayne Blvd on 33rd street, is a continuation of mid-rise development along the Biscayne corridor parallel to Midtown Miami and Edgewater.

If successful, this office-condo project may help tilt the scales of development interest in favor of office-condos. Granted, this project is not a catalyst but it could serve as a valuable contribution to a larger commercial development pattern that has not yet fully materialized.

Here is an excerpt from the press release:

3333 Biscayne has been influenced by artistic elements from its inception. The project is a unique fusion of ideas; the design incorporates a balance of practicality, art and fantasy, resulting in colorful and invigorating spaces with utilitarian value. The innovative, soft and curvaceous plan for the building’s exterior originated as a stark geometric blueprint, but slowly evolved into a rounded and whimsical vision throughout the planning process. Even the building’s number, “3333”, fits the feminine and curvaceous aesthetic. “The genesis of 3333 was based on invigorating a forgotten quarter of the city and its purpose is to bring back the class and prestige of a 1940’s Miami,” says the building’s architect, Pat Bosch of Perkins+Will. Perkins+Will is the #1 firm with LEED accredited professionals as well the 3rd largest firm in Architecture and Interiors in the country.



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6 responses to “Cardinal Development Press Release for 3333 Biscayne

  1. haroll

    is it a go grren ligth or what ? it looks awesome!!!!

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  2. I haven’t seen any activity on the site, but many similarly scaled projects in the same area are going up, so I don;t see it having a problem going vertical.

  3. Project is a go – construction scheduled to start after the hurricane season, October or so.

    Building will be 14-stories tall with +/- 15,000 SF floorplates. We recently announced the winner of the Art Mural competition for the facade of the building so be on the lookout for photos and press releases coming soon. For more info, check out the website at or call us directly at 305.536.1490.

  4. Thanks for following up on this for the readers David

  5. Carlo

    This is great news. What a beautifully designed structure. Thank you. Thank you. Dont forget, a new Starbucks will be less than three blocks away. Carlo

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