News Tid Bits

  1. County considers pumping up to 1 billion dollars into the delayed MIA expansion
  2. Downtown Stadium proposal runs into another funding obstacle
  3. Local car rental agencies are scrapping it out with national car rental agencies over space in the proposed Intermodal Center.
  4. The Fed decides to not include the Miami Circle in Biscayne National Park
  5. Manny Diaz is pushing green buildings in Miami
  6. Set in Miami, Clubland, a documentary about Miami’s club scene, has wrapped up production.
  7. Crane topples in Aventura. One worker injured.
  8. A look back at the rise of Miami Beach’s Art Deco District

Winter Music Conference News:

  1. London’s Ministry of Sound hits up Miami
  2. WMC draws the world to Miami
  3. NYC’s The Village reports on the WMC

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One response to “News Tid Bits

  1. Thank you, Mr. Brighenti, for publishing this.For the first time in a long time, I feel that we have a cdatinade in the 1st Congressional District that could actually beat Paul Ryan. Rob Zerban comes across as a very likable, knowledgeable, and sincere person. And he has experience at real life. Unlike Ryan, Rob has *not* been a career politician for his entire adult life. Rob is a small business owner who knows how to balance a budget.Let us take a stand against giveaways for the ultra rich and get rid of Pink Slip Paul. Could we just please bring back some civility and decency to this country?

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