Chi Tower: Apex of Over the Top Luxury

We’re used to high end buildings in Miami, but this one I have to admit has me shocked. Chi, a new 42 story ultra-freaking-luxurious tower, has an unprecedented and astounding level of millionaire amenities: private sky residences including private elevator lobbies and infinity-edge mineral water pools, a personal butler, maid, chauffeur, and association owned Bentley!!!! What the heck is that all about? Why not just throw in a Helicopter and some trips to an association owned villa in the Bahamas? The interior is being designed by Jaya Ibrahim, designer of the Setai, Datai, and Four Seasons in Bali. The building’s design looks like an Oppenheim (10 Museum Park and Element), but actually comes from the drawing boards of Sieger Suarez.

What’s happening in Sunny Isles is absolutely insane. The Trump brand has multiple towers going vertical, The Related Group as expected, is heavily in the mix, and there are numerous other extremely high end impressive high rises that are newly built, under construction, or proposed.

As you would expect from such an unexpected project, it is not being marketed in an orthodox way. For example, a model of the project is currently displayed in Moscow’s Ritz-Carlton. Even for hardcore high end condo buyers this one seems out of reach. Undoubtedly, such a remarkably lavish development has a risk of not being built, but there are only 38 residences and there are already buyers—one of them a filthy rich Russian heiress.

What’s Dubai going to do now? I thought they were pushing for the most outrageous billionaire retreat. If Chi goes through, it will not likely be the last preposterously expensive high end tower to be built on Sunny Isles Beach (Aka: Trumptown, Little Moscow, and America’s Riviera), but if this is the case, Dubai’s Shiek and company are in for a major run for their money.


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