Miami Misconceptions: The Lynx Mynxes

This is another reminder of how fantastical some outside perceptions are of Miami. Several half-naked model-type women engaging in sexually connotative actions, attempting to lure “you” to Miami, seems rather suspicious. In any case, for investigative purposes, I checked out their website. I have to admit it’s freshly designed with scantily dressed interactive models and all.

There are a bunch of British guys forming teams for a “who’s the ultimate payer” competition. The prize is a trip to Miami to be with the Lynx Mynxes. Not sure if they’re models or escorts or both..

When asked what his favorite party trick was, one contestant answered:

“Lick me tongue with me nose.”

On the video’s You Tube page, I found this comment written about Florida by a user named wowsah156:

“Phuck Florida. Its like a third world country , full of dirtytan pornotrash women who prostitute themselves and immigrant crime gangs who castrate people with chain saws and scissors. The only thing you’ll get there is Aids and an empty wallet. Why do you think God keeps sending those hurricanes to Florida?”

Now imbeciles are calling Florida a third world country because Miami is in it. Miami is the third world country guys not Florida. Get it straight. For more information contact Congressman Tancredo (R-CO).



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5 responses to “Miami Misconceptions: The Lynx Mynxes

  1. Holy crap! That is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. And as for that quote … all I can say is who knew sheer ignorance could be that deep???

    PS … I’m going to hav eto link to you from Sex and the Beach … this is priceless!

    • Did you see the great new late night Latino Style show on Telemundo. Hosted by a Cuban! Love this show…Mas Vale Tarde con Alex Cambert… great guests–Jessica Alba this week Thursday Jan 29. Every Thurs at 11:30 PM/10:30C.Last week Carlos Ponce, Santana befroe that. Later this month Jennifer Pena and Obie Bermudez,Barbara Mori, Gloria

  2. Manola, that’s why I had to post it. By the way, congratulations on getting your City Link column. I Look forward to seeing the goods.

  3. Thanks Bob! BY the way, I really like your coverage on this blog. Keep it up!

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