Another Cuban Exodus?

The Coast Guard is staging a massive exercise off of the Florida Straits in an attempt to deal with a potential exodus of Cubans after Castro’s death. The goal is to practice intercepting vessels of refugees as they drift towards the Florida coast. This situation is a reminder of just how precarious Miami’s geographic position is. Like an earthquake triggering a tsunami, a political crisis in Haiti or in Cuba can immediately set off a wave of refugees heading toward our coast.This scenario is important to consider since it is impossible to determine when or if this would occur, and should it, how massive it would be. No one can determine whether the volume of refugees would exceed that of the Mariel boat lift in 1980. Having another Mariel-like wave of Cuban immigrants would pose a tremendous challenge to local, State, and Federal officials, and given this latest news of Coast Guard preparations, at least the Fed is taking preparations seriously.


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