Local Government in Stadium Antics

What the hell is going in with our local government? On one hand we have the County Manager publishing a memorandum with a long check list of the advantages and great potential that the proposed downtown stadium site offers. On the other hand, Miami Today just published an article stating that:

“After a long and occasionally strident debate, commissioners offered the Orange Bowl as an alternative solution and directed the county administration to negotiate a deal with the Marlins and Major League Baseball that would cover both potential sites. ‘Obviously, the manager realizes this downtown site isn’t going to fly,'”

It seems that the downtown site offers many more advantages in terms of public transportation access and economic benefits than the Orange Bowl site. The County memorandum corroborates this, so why the hell is there a bottleneck all of a sudden? I don’t oppose alternative solutions to the site search, but I thought the Orange Bowl site was already ruled out. It seems that the right hand has no clue the left even exists and members of the local government are yapping for the sake of yapping.

What is really disturbing is when you hear the County Manager say that the negotiations “should not be site specific”. As if the site will not affect the overall cost and logistics of the project!!! This is all very disillusioning.


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7 responses to “Local Government in Stadium Antics

  1. skilo1557

    While you were writing your blurb on your side of town, I was writing my blurb on my side of town (http://benjiplanning.blogspot.com/), and look, they came out the same.

    So if two intelligent, rational persons in Miami realize this situation is crazy, why don’t our representatives realize it or listen to us.

    I think the City and UM need to figure out how to get Canes football to stay, and then stick to making the Marlins stadium in downtown work out.

  2. Benji, that’s a good article you put together. I find it absurd that the Commission feels the downtown stadium will not re-energize the area.

    That is to say that the thousands of fans delving into the CBD interior will not dine or shop nearby, property values will not rise, it will not spur new development interest in the area, public transit traffic will not increase, and newly created jobs resulting from the stadium are not relevant.

  3. Nice article Gabe. Frankly, there is no rhyme or reason for their inaction. I’m glad that the blogging community is almost at a consensus regarding this issue.

    • This piece is STUNNING. I walk past it every day and have been meaning to go in and find out who the artsit is. The photos don’t do it justice its amazing and all I can say is thanks I’m lucky I get to see it in the flesh every day.

      • The answer is smlipe.The riverline gantries just take care of 1/3 of the traffic going into CBD. (Expected to lower by 50%)The increased CBD charges will take care of the other 2/3 of the traffic. (No estimation given.)

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