Who Needs A Backyard Anyhow?

If you’re going to reside in any east-facing unit along Biscayne Boulevard from the Financial District up to the I-395, then other than sensational views of Bayfront Park, Bicentennial (Museum) Park, the American Airlines Arena, City, and Bay, you will also have a birds-eye view of the busiest cruise ship port in the world.

During the weekends, in the morning, you can wake up to the awesome sight of a long row of luxurious mega cruise ships stretching off into the distance. You can sip orange juice as they navigate into place in the port. In the early evening, you can see them cruise below you into the heart of Biscayne Bay as they make a U-turn to go back through Government Cut and disappear towards the Caribbean Sea. When one enjoys a view like that life ceases to be a bore.

New buildings that benefit the most: Marina Blue, Paramount Park, Ten Museum Park, Marquis, Everglades on the Bay, 50 Biscayne, 900 Biscayne, 600 Biscayne and Empire World Towers (if built).


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