Architect Profile: Fullerton-Diaz Architects

Coral Gables-based Fullerton-Diaz Architects has been in business for decades. The firm’s recent influence is felt significantly in Coral Gables and is growing more on Miami Beach and Downtown. Fullerton-Diaz’s Coral Gables projects include: 55 Merrick, One Village Place, The Ponce De Leon, and Puerta De Palmas—to name a few. There most recognizable past project is the Bristol, which was worked on in tandem with Revuelta, Vega, and Leon. Fullerton-Diaz also worked in tandem with Sieger-Suarez on Icon South Beach. It isn’t clear as to what specific influence Fullerton-Diaz had in each of these except to say that they were heavily involved.

The Fullerton-Diaz designed Platinum Condominium is Bristol-like in its curves and glass facades. FD did a great job at making the building appear important without the project having significant height or a conspicuous location. Emerald at Brickell is another example of an excellently designed project that is not as tall as its neighbors and is situated inconspicuously . Still, the Emerald has intelligently laid out floor plans, an attractive design with green tinted glass. The firm’s Mosaic project on Miami Beach falls in line with the Emerald and Platinum in building proportion and glassiness. When looking at these mid-rise projects, one can easily see that the firm excels at designing standout mid-rises. Uptown’s Mondrian is a continuation of this mid-rise trend for Fullerton-Diaz.

Although the firm performs exceedingly well with mid-rise design, it has endeavored to design some rather impressive soaring towers. Everglades on the Bay marks what will be one of the firm’s architectural trophies. The two 49 story towers are conspicuously located in the heart of the CBD on Biscayne Blvd. The projects multi-tiered cosmopolitan design is refreshing in its innovativeness. There is no building comparable in design to it. An even more radical and impressive departure from mid-rise design is the Capital at Brickell (56 and 52 floors) two tower project. The Capital’s crowns will arguably be the most eye-catching in the entire city—already drawing comparisons to the Chrysler building in NYC.

The firm has worked with an impressive array of developers. Lev Leviev contracted their efforts for Soleil—the project has been put on hold. CABI used FD Architects for Capital at Brickell and Everglades on the Bay. Alex Redondo contracted the firm for Platinum. Jorge Perez and Ugo Colombo contracted Fullerton-Diaz for Icon South Beach and Bristol, respectively. Fullerton-Diaz’s influence extends geographically throughout South Florida, but of particular interest to us is the firm’s involvement in Coral Gables, Brickell Village, Central Business District, Miami River, and Miami Beach/Sunny Isles areas.

Fullerton-Diaz is a dynamic architectural firm whose portfolio is composed of a unique and diverse assortment of projects. There is no design hallmark that the firm engages in. The designs are varying, important-looking, and intelligently laid out. The firm’s most recent projects have been among their most massive in scope. The implication is that their designs will become increasingly bold and prominent with time. The firm resides in one of the most competitive architecture markets in the Hemisphere but has still managed to stand out. Look to see their influence steadily grow.





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