Idiot’s Guide to Street Photography

Being a street photographer is one of the several hats I have to wear as Bob. In wearing this hat, I’ve come to realize several things about street photography.

For one, people seem to think you’re a terrorist if you’re photographing buildings, so don’t feel bad if they quickly walk away.

Never ask a security guard for permission to take any picture. It will activate God complex in the guard. They will only annoy you and not comply. If they stop you while you’re snapping a picture then you could resort to the “I’m sorry I didn’t know” excuse, but you got your pics.

Don’t forget, entering a construction zone is trespassing, but you don’t care.

When driving, the best views of the city usually come up. Although the temptation may arise, never partially hang out of your car to snap a picture. The angle is never right.

Smoke a cigarette or snap a picture. Doing both leads to holes on your clothing and car upholstery.

Keep in mind, bike riders are not your friend. When on a sidewalk or near a park, always watch your six.

When on the streets, take the roads less traveled. They usually lead to the most exciting discoveries.

If you plan on talking to the homeless, have dollar bills and cigarettes handy. They’ll tell you what really goes down in the streets.

Since you can’t walk everywhere, you must be an expert parallel parker. If you don’t like it, go photograph nature!

The best images are captured while walking calmly on foot.

When in a bad neighborhood, don’t walk calmly on foot.

If you feel you are being followed, then you’re a paranoid freak like me. Calmly kick in to crisis mode by switching the camera from the right to left hand in case you have to take a swing. Head to your car expeditiously. Ride out.


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