Plans For Downtown Marlins Stadium Becoming Clearer

The image above is representative of past failed efforts to follow through with a new baseball stadium plan. Today, the Marlins are in a favorable position with an excellent Downtown location being offered by the County and a reasonable financial arrangement. The Marlins Stadium is planned to be built by 2011 on nine acres of  County-owned land. The property is located just north of the Stephen P. Clark Government Center, which is the CBD’s transportation hub, is right off of the I-95, and has a few thousand parking spaces readily available. The stadium is expected to cost $490 million. The Marlins are responsible for $207 million ($45 million up front) and the County will front the rest of the money in the form of bonds that will be paid off by the Marlins in the form of rent. The Marlins are also responsible for cost overruns. The 36,000 capacity stadium will have a state-of-the-art retractable roof (similar to the rendering above) and will fuel more westward development in the Central Business District, Overtown, and Parkwest. The Sun-Sentinel has an informative article on the matter with a supplementary video.

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