Damn That’s Smart Leviev and Boymelgreen!

New Buyers at the Marquis and Vitri will receive complimentary Bronze Center Membership at the Carnival Center for the Performing Arts. This membership is usually priced at around $12,500. The developers (Leviev and Boymelgreen) claim that they are strong supporters of the arts.

Yeah. Whatever. Keep em’ comin’. This is what I’m talking about. Perks; what buyers don’t expect but love. All other developers better take notice. Buyers at Met might just be getting Heat season tickets soon. Leviev and Boymelgreen have made a move that will undoubtedly set a pattern into motion.Thank God. It’s about time developers start giving buyers some serious outside-of-the-building perks.

When the projects are under construction, those launch parties and artsy fartsy events are nice with free filet mignon, ceviche, liquor, and half naked glittery dancer ladies. But, what about when the project tops off? What then? No more glitz and glamor? Well, not if you buy at the Marquis and Vitri. They get to enjoy the PAC in style.

There are victims though. The old buyers only get 20% off. Too bad, but I get it. They got the good deals. The “new buyers” will have to pay up.

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