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The City of Sweetwater was Founded by Russian Circus Midgets!!!!

At least I had heard this a while back in a Miami Politics course while in college. I wasn’t sure I believed Professor Moreno but felt that he had no reason to lie. Still, I was skeptical. Until I looked deeper. The fact is Sweetwater was really founded in 1941 by Russian circus midgets and accordingly many of their homes were miniature. I would like to know if these homes have been preserved. If they haven’t, that’s a shame. I also want to know if they left or if their decendants are still around. Hmmmm. I always thought Sweetwater was a bit weird, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Anyhow, the now predominantly Hispanic city is neighbors with the rapidly expanding FIU and is expected to become more and more of a college oriented community. From Russian circus midgetville to an emerging collegetown, pretty interesting transition. This will have to be looked into further.



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City of Miami Offering New Land for Development

The City is offering an interesting property for development. The property is located at 400-430 SW 8th Avenue. What is really interesting is that there are no height restrictions. The density being allowed is 150 units per acre. The developer who acquires the property must allocate 20% of the units for affordable housing. The property is located west of the I-95 and the Miami River in an area not seeing any significant development. Since there is no height restriction, and the developer has to allocate 20% of the units for affordable housing, you can expect whoever takes control to put forth a uniquely laid out building plan to compensate. This seemingly small deal is important because it signifies a westward high density push past the I-95. There are few major developments west of the I-95. Neo Vertika and certain smaller scale projects along the Miami River and the SW 3rd Avenue Corridor have not yet signaled a major push west, but this development with it’s government endorsement and no height restriction might help do just that.

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Galveston Residents Worried About City Resembling Miami Beach

Galveston residents are alarmed that a lack of height restrictions and some recently announced beach front high rise developments may lead to the emergence of a Miami Beach-like skyline along their shores. It’s rather interesting to see that they draw the Miami Beach parallel. It demonstrates that Miami Beach is the country’s quintessential urban beach. Miami Beach has consistently been considered the top urban beach in the country. Comparable beach front skylines can be found in Surfer’s Paradise, Australia and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, but not so much in the U.S.–possibly with the exception of Atlantic City, New Jersey and Waikiki, Hawaii. There are some respectable urban beaches in Florida, but they lack the luster of Miami Beach’s impressive assortment of high rises. Galveston should be excited and flattered by this turn of events not concerned.

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