Daily Archives: February 13, 2007

I Don’t Want Cupcakes, but leave the Boulevard’s Royal Palms Alone!

Image of the Boulevard’s Royal Palms taken in 1949 (New York Times)

Several people were handing out cupcakes to drivers and pedestrians in Downtown Miami to protest the city’s plan to replace Biscayne Boulevard’s numerous Royal Palms with Live Oak trees. This has to be the most absurd piece of news I’ve heard in a long while. Are we in tropical Miami or mild Atlanta? Why Live Oaks? Apparently the Live Oaks will offer shade where the Royal Palms do not. What about the several skyscrapers that block out the sun for half of the day? There is no lack of shade just lack of reason. Leave the Royal Palms alone! They beautify the Boulevard, represent Miami’s climate, cost less to maintain, and are not as susceptible to hurricane force winds as the Live Oaks. Finally, these wretched Live Oak canopies will block my view of the skyscrapers from my car’s sunroof. Not cool.


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