Architect Profile: Borges + Associates

Borges + Associates is a Miami-based international architectural firm with over 25 years of collective experience. They have affiliates in Dubai and Barcelona. B + A is a firm that has yet to become instantly recognizable in terms of their brand name and portfolio. Their most ambitious project to date will be Infinity I and II at Brickell, which at 224 meters is estimated to be Miami’s 15th tallest building by 2009. Despite the comparatively meager height scale of their projects portfolio, their designs are still impressive. Rosabella Lofts and District Lofts, although not high profile projects, have well thought out designs. They are not yet built, and in fact, like the B+A Vista development, may never come to fruition. Still, should the developers pull off the necessary maneuvers, these projects—all located in Uptown—will be instrumental in the densification trend of Edgewater—which is teeter tottering on the brink of high rise and mid rise.

Their Civica Towers development in the Civic Center will reshape the urban hub. The design blends sharp lines and carves well. Their influence extends throughout the community from Miami Beach with the Royal Palm to Loftika in the Gables Corridor and Mayfair Lofts at Coconut Grove. The advent of Infinity may indicate a more high density vertical push for the Architectural firm, but there is no additional high rise project yet publicized to mark the trend. Reinaldo Borges performs conducts consul;tative business in Dubai and has claimed that Miami’s development boom in many respects parallels Dubai’s—which has at least an estimated 50,000 units in the pipeline). This level of international involvement by the firm may help facilitate a more broad architectural perspective that can be translated in their designs. Borges + Associates has a firm foothold in the Miami architectural market and their international affiliations smell of expansion. It will not be surprises to see Borges + Associates pick up steam as a major architectural player. They are in all the right neighborhoods. To get more noticed, they simply have to take their design to new heights.

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  1. David Dahbura

    Finding a firm that understands what architecture truly means and can successfully integrate a project both spatially and contextually is rare. This firm, while maybe not yet as well recognized as some architecure mills, does!

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