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I enjoy reading about the experience of first time travelers to Miami. It’s a pleasant reminder of Miami’s unique social and cultural attributes. I stumbled upon this flattering post on a blog called, which seems to be about a variety of issues relating to women, fashion, weddings, etc. Regardless, one of the blog’s travel contributors visited Miami for a wedding and was quite pleased with what she experienced, claiming that “Miami is definitely unlike any other American city, such that in many ways I felt I was in a different country along the lines of Rio, Ibiza or the French Riviera.”



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3 responses to “Another Happy Tourist/Blogger

  1. FrenchyMiami

    Totally agree: Miami is the Riviera of the Americas. A unique feeling of everything you like in Europe with everything you like in America.

    • Ronnie, do you understand that a Radio Times mix-up speard like wildfire but is not actually correct?Why do you believe a label on some DVD produced by some BBC monkey fiddling around with Photoshop over what actually appears on the actual episode?

  2. Maybe that’s why Miami overtook Los Angeles as the second most popular destination for Europeans in the U.S. (2nd to NYC). Latin Americans have long since flocked to Miami.
    Canadians jumped on the Miami bandwagon long ago. The irony is that tourists from the U.S. are only now beginning to catch but are doing so strongly.

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