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Old Pic. Still Hilarious.

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Another Happy Tourist/Blogger

I enjoy reading about the experience of first time travelers to Miami. It’s a pleasant reminder of Miami’s unique social and cultural attributes. I stumbled upon this flattering post on a blog called Splendora.com, which seems to be about a variety of issues relating to women, fashion, weddings, etc. Regardless, one of the blog’s travel contributors visited Miami for a wedding and was quite pleased with what she experienced, claiming that “Miami is definitely unlike any other American city, such that in many ways I felt I was in a different country along the lines of Rio, Ibiza or the French Riviera.”


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A Valuable Mineral Mine in Opa-Locka?!?!?


I’m a bit perplexed as to what the hell Miami Today is referring to when they claim that a mine at the Opa-Locka airport can provide enough revenue to help cover cost overruns at MIA. The preliminary estimates claim that as much as $300-600 million in profits can generated in the mine’s lifetime. This sounds kind of wacky. It could be I’ve been out of the loop on this, but what’s next, panning for gold in the Miami River to pay for operational overages at the PAC? There is one critical bit of information the Miami Today article left out. What rock or mineral is so valuable as to be mined? Is it diamond, marble, emerald, coral stone? What is it? You would think that critical piece of information would not be left out, but it was. Does the County think residents are going to infiltrate the area and take matters into their own hands with picks and drills? If taxpayer funds are going to finance the operation, I want to know what friggin stone is being mined!

The idea is that the county should run the mine. Is there a precedent for this anywhere else in the country? I assume there might be, but I haven’t heard of one. Given the project’s unprecedented nature and local gvernment’s lack of mining operational experience, I’m not convinced that the county can effectively and efficiently run it, yet I don’t a want private company usurping control neither. It’ll be interesting to see how this whole situation will play out.



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