Anti-Manny Diaz Protestors Call Him a Rat

According to some, City of Miami Mayor Manny Diaz is a rat. Apparently one of the definitions of a rat is a person who “throws people out of their homes”. This is according to members of The Laborers Union who accuse him of doing just that and actually displayed a twenty foot inflated rat at the recent UC Conference of Mayors in Washington D.C. Clearly this has to do with the issue of gentrification. In all due fairness, the city is not exactly tackling this important issue. What these protestors fail to realize is that the city is not kicking anyone out. Rather, new and existing landlords in prosperous urban areas are deciding to make money off of their investments. Can you believe it? These legitimate land owners are doing something positive with their real estate investments. What an outrage! And, to make matters worse, their plans are boosting property values throughout the city.

The real problem is that Mayor Manny Diaz is sitting at the helm of what is fast becoming one of America’s biggest boomtowns. So, the theory goes, if you do well, you get hated on. This theory apparently holds true for the City of Miami as well. Time Magazine and Congressman Tancredo’s recent Miami-bashing fiasco is evidence of that.

The truth is that everything is Manny the Rat’s fault. Miami being a center of International trade is also the Rat’s fault. It is obvious that the Rat is also to blame for the crystal clear warm waters that lure millions of visitors and thousands of real estate investors to Miami each year. That’s not mentioning the attractive year round warm weather which the Rat dictates as well. That animal is out of control!

C’mon haters, cut the mayor some slack. Or, don’t. The end result will remain the same. Miami will continue to boom. Random ignorant observers will continue to hate.



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4 responses to “Anti-Manny Diaz Protestors Call Him a Rat

  1. Manuel Rodriguez

    The problem is that the only people who are seeing any benefit are friends of Manny Diaz. They receive no-bid contracts which they inflate with change orders. Many families in Miami cannot move to larger homes because the Real Estate taxes are so high they are basically being held hostage. And there is a 5 to 10 year over supply of condos that need to be sold… Not a pretty picture.

  2. Manuel, that sounds bad, but what is your source on this matter? In a time where Miami is seeing so much growth and increases in taxpayer revenues, given the history of corruption, I’m concerned that there are some really bad things happening behind the scenes. In my opinion, Manny Diaz has done a good job lobbying the State for funds, boosting developer confidence, and helping decrease crime. Infrastructure problems are a sore point for his administration but I think posterity will remember Manny in a positive light as Miami’s boom time mayor–unless a scandal ensues.

  3. Manuel Rodriquez

    BOB: Miami,
    …”unless a scandal ensues”… Did you miss the fire fee scandal? Did you miss the Hammes contract scandal? Did you miss the Johnny Winton “Let’s give my partner Manny Diaz a $58,000 raise in the middle of the night scandal”? Did you miss the Steve Marin no-bid contract scandal? The Johnny Winton arrested at MIA scandal? to name a few…

    We are told there are 40,000 condos for sale on the MLS. We are told there are 31,000 condos under construction… We are told usually Miami absorbs 8,000 units a year. Real estate taxes have never been so painful. Sound like oversupply to you?

    Sure tax revenues are going up. Tax revenues are what pay the overpaid government workers. Tax revenues are what pays workers who live in Broward County. Tax revenues going up are what are used to pay for the no bid contracts, the cost overruns, the change orders… Where is the money for the residents? Where are the renovated parks? The increased services?

    We do not think Manny Diaz will be viewed in a positive light.

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