Super Bowl Frenzy

With the Super Bowl coming to town, Miami will be in the spotlight. More important than the attention of the 90 million viewers in America alone that the Super Bowl will generate is the $300 million or so in revenue that Miami is expected to generate as the host city. There can be no scientific study on the matter, but many of tens of thousands of visitors from the Midwest will be visiting Miami for the first time and may become enamored with the city to the extent of being a potential second or third home buyer in Miami’s real estate, particularly condo, market. Look for developers to try to capitalize with extra outdoor ads and ads in tourist saturated areas. As Miami puts its best foot forward, anti-gentrification activists will be mobilizing throughout the entire Super Bowl week.

Fortunately for Miami, Chicago won. I hate to say it, but Chicago fans number more than New Orleans fans—not to mention that many in the Big Easy are still reeling from Katrina and have not even returned to their city since the storm; others being financially constrained. Through a business/tourism standpoint Miami also won along with Chicago in this case. Indianapolis and New England are both attractive in terms of their fan base and despite who would have won, the result would have been positive for Miami. The resulting match up between two Midwest metropolitan neighbors will generate a significant amount of interest and probably pave the way for one of the most profitable super bowl the city has ever seen. And finally, with the Goodyear blimp flying overhead and camera crews spread throughout the city, the world will lay eyes upon Miami’s emerging new skyline. They may not be able to notice the significant change, but they will notice an impressive skyline—whereas before Miami had a pitifully sparse one with an elusive potential.

Here is more about what the media is saying about the Super Bowl in Miami:
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Other News:
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