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Miami puts on game face for Super Bowl as thousands of Indianapolis Colts and Bears fans are slated toinvade the tropical city.

International Development and Miami

In consideration of Panama City’s bid for the FTAA Secretariat, it is important to consider the Central American city’s massive development boom, which according to many, is emulating Miami’s.

Any half witted Miamian knows that should the iron curtain accross the Florida Straits be lifted, then the result would mean changes for Miami. As a result, two Miami developers bankroll a study concerning a potential development boom in Havana.

Local Developments

Major Advertising firm Posner is opening new southeast division in the heart of Miami’s burgeoning Design District, thus adding to the neighborhood’s growing commercial sector.

Shaq’s O’Neil Group intends on putting forth projects to change city’s landscape. should it be disconcerting that Shaq is entering the development realm? Hmmm. I wonder. Could you imagine: Shaq, the next Jorge Perez? Probably not.

Strong Mayor Vote: Does anyone care? Transit Miami with some thoughts.

Miami Dade County commits $7 million to river dredging project. God this has taken forever!

Cleveland orchestra makes Miami winter home adding to the city’s growing cultural mix.

Innovative Miami architect Chad Oppenheim in Dubai to discuss the growing “green” trend in building planning , which is not just a new marketing ploy for developers, but a viable benefit to unit owners in averting rises in regular monthly assessments due to out of control energy costs—a problem that is rather common in new developments.

Miami International Airport’s expansion is plagued with cost overruns (originally planned to be $1 billion, now it is estimated to cost $2.5 billion), but boy does it look great!

Miami’s rental apartment remains robust as condo market cools. This is the reverse of what was happening around 2003 where many rental developments converted into condos.

International Franchising Expo comes to the Miami Beach Convention Center giving the city a boost in hotel revenues and providing a venue for domestic and international business investors to look into franchising options.

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