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As has been reported for some time, foreclosures are rampant in Florida—which is second to California in the country.

Another affordable housing developer is involved in fraudulent activities.For more information on crooked affordable housing developers click here.

Much is happening as Wind by Neo is under construction and on schedule, the Tides models are open, Mondrian has begun sales, plans for Morrison in Little Havana move forward, Gables Centre has named its architect.

Despite the massive increase in the tax payer base due to new construction, Florida faces a property tax crisis.

Miami-based Carnival Cruise Lines plans to expand in German market.

Miami-based Burger King plans foray into Japan.

Coconut Grove is seeing interesting plans for its waterfront but change will take time.

Lot’s more going on: Miami Beach’s Capri project has 7,000 cubic yard poured in 30 hours into its under water foundation for its parking garage. Fisher Island condos selling for millions! Related Group buyers will receive a new publication from the massive development firm. The Terra Group starts the Freedom Tower Foundation.

Edie Laquer, the “Queen of Miami real estate” has been operating without a valid real estate license. The lady is so busy that she failed to realize this important fact.

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