Sunny Isles is Trump-town


Trump is building in Sunny Isles. Trump is building big. Sure, when this first became known, it was exciting as hell, but now what? Will the Trump name remain on that rich slither of sand to the north? The Acqualina and Trump Sonesta are built. The Trump Palace and Royale are under construction. Now, work on the three Trump Towers is beginning, but is this the end, or are there bigger plans for the Trump brand in Miami?

The Dezers (the father and son duo) are the ones who brought the Trump phenomenom to Sunny Isles. From their initial land acquisitions to the luring of the legendary developer from the Big Apple, the Dezers have been the masterminds. However, it is the Trump brand that all the projects base their features and marketing on. The Acqualina is a private Vegas caliber resort-like ultra luxurious community minus a casino. The Trump Sonesta is an exceptional addition to Miami’s luxury hotel market. The Trump Grande and Royale are going to be the most distinguished monoliths in the Sunny Isles skyline. The building designs alone are a marvel. To think of the impact that the Trump Towers are going to have on Sunny Isles is mind boggling. Donald Trump’s name is all that is required. It connotes opulence, exclusivity, and high quality. Not a hard sell. Nothing needs to come out of his pocket. His is a franchise of mega developments with the Trump brand. Retaining the perception of extremely high value has to be the highest priority for the Trump brand. This makes the stakes of a Trump project all that higher, because of the hype, expectations, and typically massive project scope. A Trump project is good for the city in terms of generating tax revenues and attention. Three Trump projects are excellent. Seven, is well, ridiculous. Yet, why is the Trump brand confined to Sunny Isles? Sunny Isles is on the Ocean, between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, and doesn’t have the permitting red tape of its municipal counterparts to the south. Could these all be reasons for Trump’s involvement or could it just be that the persuasiveness of the Dezers plus the appeal of their oceanfront properties pulled him in? It doesn’t matter. There are 7 major Trump projects in Sunny Isles. The Trump name is consuming the former motel dotted beachfront city.

Trump: King of A1A

No longer are the Related Group’s Ocean 1, 2, and 3 projects enough to dominate the Sunny Isles skyline. The addition of Ocean 4 is not going to change the status quo, which is that Trump rules. Through a development standpoint, the Dezers brought Trump to town. What happens if Trump’s brand escapes Sunny Isles and into Brickell Village or the CBD? What about South Beach? Currently, Trump’s brand of development is confined to one small beachfront municipality, but it is tempting to consider what would happen if it wasn’t. Jorge Perez’s developments have been eclipsed by Trump’s in Sunny Isles. Could the Sunny Isles market be a microcosm of what would happen if Trump broke into Miami’s more competitive and developing urban real estate market? At this point, it’s too late to get into the saturated South Beach market. Jorge Perez has dominated SoFi. Although there are several significant developers active in Miami right now, Jorge Perez is probably number one in terms of quality, consistency, selectivity, quantity of units built, among other factors. Mr. Perez’s towers ruled over the Sunny Isles skyline, but now they will stand among the three Trump Towers, Royale, Grande, Sonesta, and Acqualina. They may even go unnoticed. Still, it would be nice to see the Related and Trump brands compete in Brickell, South Beach, or the CBD. Although there is nothing to indicate that this will happen, the possibility is not remote. The two juggernauts have already had at it in Sunny Isles, which is already becoming Trump-town.

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