The Landlords of Parkwest: Leviev/Boymelgreen and Daniel Kodsi


RED: Daniel Kodsi BLUE: Leviev/Boymelgreen

Lev Leviev and Shaya Boymelgreen are the biggest land owners in Parkwest, but Daniel Kodsi is stepping up to the plate. Leviev and Boymelgreen’s parcels are smaller than Kodsi’s large parcels. LB’s land acquisitions, for the most part, took place either in 1999 or shortly thereafter. The parcels were acquired from local parking lot magnate Hank Sopher. Until 2005, Leviev and Boymelgreen had been the undisputed landlords of Parkwest. In 2005, Daniel Kodsi acquired several significant parcels in the neighborhood. This pattern is important to see because it indicates that these two separate entities are likely to be the most active in changing the area and capitalizing off of its progress. It also indicates that these developers consider the area to be a high priority on their land portfolio. The entire west side of N.E. 2nd Avenue from 11th street till 7th street is owned by either Leviev/Boymelgreen or Daniel Kodsi. For all intensive purposes they are the landlords of what is fast becoming one of Miami’s most important urban neighborhoods. In studying land acquisitions, one will find that Parkwest is where Leviev/Boymelgreen has the biggest cluster of parcels. Considering their extensive financial resources, development experience, and ambitious current plans, one can almost count on them transforming Parkwest to the point of being unrecognizable. Kodsi’s presence in the neighborhood implies that his Paramount Park project was more of a bridgehead in the area, while these later acquisitions are a sort of invasion into the heart of Parkwest. He will have room for at least two more major developments on parcels located on the west side of N.E. 2nd avenue on 9th and 10th streets—behind 10 Museum Park and 900 Biscayne respectively. Leviev’s plans for Marquis West on their N.E. 2nd avenue and 11th street lot indicate that their future projects will be similarly dense. Although high density is a safe guess, it’s not clear what Daniel Kodsi will do with his parcels to the south of the Marquis West. Considering all of his Paramount projects, he is likely to think and act big. Under the surface, Parkwest is rumbling with activity. Look for these development juggernauts to steamroll forward with big plans for Parkwest soon.


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