A Closer Look: Parkwest (interior)



I had to make a correction because in looking at the DDA’s maps, the area of this analysis is listed as Parkwest. The area that is referred to as the Media and Entertainment District is actually the area around the PAC, which is considered by many to be the PAC district. Regardless, it is important to adhere to government development designations, so I will. Parkwest is an interesting idea to entertain. I say idea because the area hasn’t exactly fully materialized. It is in the center of the city, situated directly next to over a billion dollars worth of new development, has seen a significant amount of recent land acquisitions, and is located right next to public transportation. The City of Miami has designated the area as the PArkwest which is directly to the south of the designated Media and Entertainment District. Currently, there are two huge clubs in Space and Nocturnal in the Parkwest area. There are a couple of other establishments including a strip club, but those aren’t as significant as the two aforementioned clubs. If you throw in the nearby Pawn Shop lounge across the I-395 then you have a viable clubbing district. Already if you drive by the area heading east on the I-395 you’ll notice the huge lit up outdoor ads. This is extremely important to take notice of, because this area lends itself perfect to outdoor ads and is designated by the city to be an outlet for the media. The neighborhood has high exposure to people and the warehouse-like buildings that compose the majority of the area have big bleak concrete surfaces that are just begging to be covered up with a posh outdoor ads. Piccadilly Circus in London, Ginza in Tokyo, and Times Square in NYC are perfect examples of highly evolved Media and Entertainment districts. Miami’s M & E District is a far cry from those and has a disturbingly generic name, but with the construction of Marquis, Ten Museum Park, Marina Blue, 900 and 600 Biscayne, Paramount Park, and Marquis West in Parkwest the whole area is going to surge with activity. The repositioning of the I-395 will add park space to the northern boundary of the Parkwest and the south boundary of the M&E District which will make it more accessible and pedestrian friendly. Already, when analyzing land acquisitions in the neighborhood one sees interesting patterns. Lev Leviev and Shaya Boymelgreen own a significant amount of prime parcels throughout the area along NE 2nd Avenue and NE 11th Street. Along the east side of NE 2nd avenue almost all of the parcels were bought after 2005. The Royal Palm Group owns a significant amount of parcels on 2nd Avenue as well although it is not clear what their plans are. The 2nd Avenue lots are situated directly behind the skyscrapers under construction along the Biscayne Boulevard portion of Parwest and the people mover line runs parallel to the plots as well. Through a convenience and centrality standpoint, the neighborhood is extremely valuable. Glenn Straub is not going to sit on the Miami Arena for much longer. Plans for that lot are likely to be ambitious if the arena is demolished. This will provide a positive development anchor to the south west of the M & E District. The emerging PAC District to the north will lend benefits to the neighborhood as well. Still, the development of the nearby Parkwest towers is what the neighborhood rests its promise on. The outcome may be similar to what is seen in the So Fi neighborhood of South Beach; near the Portofino Tower, Continuum, Apogee, and Murano. Those high rises straddle an area that has several major night clubs Opium Garden and Nikki Beach are just two. There are several restaurants nearby that are quite successful. This South of Fifth Miami Beach example is perfect because it too was once derelict like Parkwest currently is and blossomed subsequent to the development of nearby towers. The M&E District is seeing a high concentration of dense development surrounding it and there are other important neighborhoods emerging along side of it as well. This all stands to benefit the M&E District greatly. Currently the area is quiet, except for the clanking and banging of the construction nearby, but those sounds are a constant reminder of the future of this promising urban neighborhood. For more information on the designated M & E district or PAC district view the article from this url: https://bobmiami.wordpress.com/2006/10/27/a-closer-look-at-uptown-part-i-the-pac-district/


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