Building Profile: 500 Brickell (Brickell Village)

The 426 foot 500 Brickell tower complex is well situated, although not waterfront. The two rectangular towers are connected at the top with a bridge-like architectural structure with a large oval opening allowing in sunlight. Such a connecting architectural feature is exciting and novel by Miami Standards. It will create a great visual effect for the building’s residents on the amenities deck; a sense of inclusion in exclusivity and proportional grandness. The mostly residential complex is located in the northern portion of Brickell Village right on the west side of Brickell Avenue. The buildings will have glass balconies reducing the bleakness of concrete. There will be 20,000 sq. feet of retail space in the complex. Units range from 1 – 2 bedrooms with no half baths (927 – 1442 sq. ft.).

Pros: The property is ocated in a vibrant and growing already established neighborhood, so unlike Parkwest, Uptown, and even the CBD, there is no waiting for neighborhood stability. The developer is top caliber. There are plenty of built-in state-of-the-art unit features including touch screen technology. Although Brickell will not be fully exempt from traffic woes, the traffic should not be as bad as in the CBD or in and around the PAC.

Cons: There are 633 units in two 43 story towers. This is no small number of units. This building’s going to be crowded when fully occupied.

Expected amenities include: 24 hour security and valet, recreational deck with pool, and club room with billiards.

Unique amenities include: a 20-seat movie theatre, concierge services, I.R.I.S touch screen home technology, and wine cellar.

Overall the complex’s two towers will add more density to an area that is seeing a lot of major activity. Across the street, Jorge Perez is building 5 more major towers; the three Icon Brickell towers and the two Plaza towers—within a two square block area one can really sense the Related’s major influence with 7 towers. On the surface, the building is easily dismissed as ordinary, but with its crown connection at the building’s top, excessive glass facades, and tall stature, there may be more to it than meets the eye.


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