Developer Profile: Hyperion

Jim Clark is considered by some to be America’s most effective and successful serial entrepreneur. His worth is estimated at 2 billion dollars. He founded Silicon Graphics, Inc., Netscape Communications Corp., and Healtheon Corp. All have been monumentally successful. He has competed with Bill Gates and is considered a legend in the technology sector. Tom Jermoluk is a former executive at SGI and Excite@Home. He is also considered one of the technology sectors most successful businessmen. Paul Murphy is a local South Florida builder with a wide ranging portfolio of over 22,000 units. These three dynamic men are the brains and driving force behind Hyperion Development. Jim and Tom know how to make millions in the digital realm but does that mean that it will translate into success in the development realm? With the guidance of Paul, and collaborators such as Arquitectonica, it is likely. Their projects, like their careers, are groundbreaking. They exemplify towering futuristic giants. Blue’s design is simple and streamlined. Its location is highly visible and has unsurpassable iconic value. Marina Blue’s location although great is not as iconic but the building’s height and standard setting design will surely make up for it. The crucial point here is that these men represent some of the most talented elements of the capitalistic world. They know how to profit. They know where the future lies. They demonstrated that during the tech revolution of the 80’s and 90’s. So does that mean that they feel that Miami’s future is bright? Surely it must. It is nice for the city to have such high profile and respected investors helping form the city’s greatness. Hyperion, like the Related Group and Terra, among others, is interested in branding itself as a high quality developer. They have plans for additional projects and their marketing team has been at the forefront of the Uptown movement. Keep in mind that the notion of their being an Uptown is relatively new by Miami standards. Their team recognizes the changes that the city will undergo and have taken the liberty to provide the neighborhood with an identity that matches the progress. It is not clear what Hyperion’s legacy will be. They have only worked with Arquitectonica in design work. Only two projects have come up. Time will tell how their vision will unfold. They are now members of Miami’s growing billionaire developers club. They are definitely betting on Miami. These guys rarely lose.


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