My Data. Your Data.

The Data section lists every project—proposed and under-contruction, developer, and architect. I have and will continue to develop profiles for developers, buildings, and firms of interest.
Project Profiles contains images of the development as well as an overview of the building’s exterior and interior design, it’s features, ammenities, location, and lifestyle niche.

Developer Profiles discuss current, past, and future projects executed by these developers. Career highs and lows, and their unique role in the Miami developmental realm are topics of interest.

Architect Profiles cover each major architectual firm—discussing prevailing themes in architectual style both in terms of retro and forward-thinking designs. In today’s boom: Is there an aesthetic pattern or a fractious array of different building designs? We discuss Miami’s constantly evolving architecual appearance and future urban visual identity.

Maps and Illustrations are stored here in full. Here they are easy to find and view. They are also distributed carefully throughout the site. These illustrations provide unique, one-of-kind, perspectives on urban growth in and around Miami and are exclusive to BoB: Miami. There is so much more to see. To view data click on the links beneath Data under “Categories” on the right side menu.


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  1. wah asik juga klo..buat tenda trus bulan madu lagi ama kkooro no tomo..I Love you too, tapi aku ga mau bikin tenda bulan madu disitu

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