Project List: The Uptown Area


High Rises:

1. 1490 Biscayne 73 floors 744ft/227m Residential—Proposed 1490 Biscayne
2. Omni Development (6 towers) 72 floors 700ft Residential—Proposed 1400 Biscayne
3. One Herald Plaza I 64 floors 649ft/198m Residential—Proposed
4. One Herald Plaza II 64 floors 649ft Residential—Proposed
5. Chelsea 52 floors 649ft/198m Residential/Office—Proposed
6. Florida Grand Opera 57 floors 649ft Residential/Office—Proposed
7. City Square I 62 floors 640ft/195m Residential—Proposed
8. City Square II 62 floors 640ft Residential—Proposed
9. Cardinal Symphony 60 floors 600ft Residential—Proposed NE 16th Street
10. Platinum Bay 56 floors 590ft/180m Residential—Proposed NE 29th Street
11. Element 54 floors 577ft Residential—Approved NE 31st Street
12. Quantum S. Tower 51 floors 554ft/169m Residential—Construction 1900 N Bayshore
13. Urbana 48 floors 549ft Mixed Use—HAI -Proposed 1755 NE 2nd AVE
14. Onyx 2 49 floors 543ft/166m Residential—Approved NE 28 st.
15. Opera Tower 56 floors 530ft Residential—Construction 1500 N. Bayshore
16. Soleil 43 floors 514ft Residential—Approved 3100 Biscayne
17. 31st Park 49 Floors 510 ft. Residential—Proposed 350 NE 32 St.
18. Max Tower (Verite) 39 floors 508 ft. —Proposed 1600 NE 1st St.
19. Paramount Bay 47 floors 496ft Residential—Approved 21 N. Bayshore
20. Lima 41 floors 144m 473ft Residential—Proposed 2955 Biscayne
21. Quantum North Tower 44 floors 471ft Residential—Construction 1900 N. Bayshore
22. Electra Bay 41 floors 463ft Residential—Proposed 700 NE 26th Ter.
23. Portico 50 floors 461ft/141m Residential—Proposed NE 4th Ave.
24. Park Lane 33 floors 437ft/133m Mixed Use—Proposed NE 32nd St.
25. Blue 36 floors 425ft Residential—Construction NE 36th Street
26. 1800 Club 40 floors 423ft Residential—Construction 1800 N. Bayhore
27. Electra I 31 floors 412ft Residential—Proposed
28. Lyghte 32 floors 357ft Residential—Approved
29. Four Midtown 31 floors 350ft Residential—Approved
30. Two Midtown 29 floors 320ft Residential—Approved
31. Three Midtown 29 floors 309ft Residential—Approved
32. Sky Residences 36 floors 295ft/90m Residential—Approved NE 34th St.
33. Biscayne Park 26 floors 277ft Residential—Construction
34. Ellipse 24 floors 273ft Residential—Approved
35. Unique 24 floors 251ft Residential—Proposed
36. Cube 23 floors 244ft Residential—Proposed
37. Electra II 22 floors 243ft Residential—Proposed
38. Platinum 22 floors No Height Residential—Construction
39. Ice 34 floors No Height Residential—Approved
40. Onyx 28 floors No Height Residential—Construction
41. Star Lofts 23 floors Residential—Approved
42. Biscayne Tower 21 floors Residential—Construction
43. 5th Ave Lofts 22 floors Residential—Approved
44. Biscayne Plaza 21 floors No Height Residential—Proposed

Mid Rises:
New Wave 19 floors 239ft Residential—Construction
Avant 18 floors Residential—Approved
Aria 18 floors Residential—Approved
Vista Biscayne 17 floors 215ft Residential—Approved
SoHo 16 floors 202ft Residential—Proposed
Mondrian 17 floors 199ft Residential—Approved
City 24 15 floors 182ft Residential—Approved
Filling Station 10 floors 179ft Residential—Approved
District Lofts 12 floors 153ft Residential—Construction
Kubik 14 floors 150ft Residential—Approved
Los Suenos 13 floors 143ft Residential—Approved
Bayview Market 5 floors 140ft Retail/Residential—Approved
Midtown Midrise 11 floors 130ft Residential—Approved
Pompeii 10 floors 130ft Residential—Proposed
Pinnacle Park 13 floors 126ft Residential—Proposed
5220 Biscayne 11 floors 120ft Residential—Approved
Silverton 10 floors 113ft Residential—Approved
Milebella 8 floors 108ft Residential—Approved
Pinnacle Place 10 floors 100ft Residential—Proposed
Zafire 9 floors 100ft Residential—Proposed
Cynergi 11 floors Residential—Proposed
Cite 15 floors Residential—Completed 2004
Pinnacle View 14 floors Residential—Proposed
Uptown Lofts 12 floors Residential—Construction
Rive Gauche 10 floors Residential—Proposed
Yorker 10 floors Residential—Completed 2005
Bay Lofts 9 floors Residential—Completed 2005
Seven 7 16 floors 163ft Residential—Proposed
Gallery 14 floors 215ft Residential—Proposed
Casa 18 floors Residential—Approved
Boulevard 16 floors 169ft Residential—Approved
Villa Patricia 17 floors 165ft Residential—Approved



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7 responses to “Project List: The Uptown Area

  1. FrenchyMiami

    the add comment function on the last 10 articles don’t seem to be working should check it out…

    • I loved that cold streak. Got to use my fieprlace! Seriously, when I saw it was gonna be 30-something degree windchills I ran straight to Target and got a box of those artifical logs to burn. Reminded me of the good old days in Wisconsin.

  2. I’m definitely going to look into it. I’m new to blogging and running into technical difficulties is like a pastime for me. Thanks Frenchy.

  3. FrenchyMiami

    U still need to look into the add comment function in your latest articles..we can’t leave any comments..

  4. I’ve been out of the country since the 20th of December and am returning this weekend. I’m going to persistently harass WordPress, so that they can help me fix this bug. Where I am, it is next to impossible for me to dedicate enough time to fixing the issue. Thank you for reminding me though. Also, I owe you a comprehensive Midtown Report. Take care Frenchy.

    • Hello fellow blgegor! I’m new to blogs but I just wanted to say that I like your blog here on Permaculture Videos. It kept me reading all the way to the end And then I went and searched for some more posts after that. Keep up the good work, I’m always looking to learn more about Permaculture Farming, in particular.

  5. FrenchyMiami

    I can’t wait have a good vacation…

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