Project List: Central Business District

Central Business District:
Empire World Towers I 110 floors 1124ft Residential—Proposed
Empire World Towers II 110 floors 1124ft Hotel/Residential—Proposed
600 Biscayne 62 floors 649ft Residential—Proposed (Park West)
Met 1 40 floors 400ft Residential—Construction
Met 2 40 floors 400ft Residential—Approved
Met 3 74 floors 866ft Residential—Approved
Paramount Park 68 floors 756ft Residential/Hotel—Approved (Park West)
Lynx 75 floors 745ft Office/Hotel/Residential—Proposed
900 Biscayne 63 floors 740ft Residential—Construction (PArk West)
Marquis 63 floors 679ft Residential/Hotel—Approved (Park West)
Marquis West 41 floors 496ft Residential—Proposed (Park West)
330 Biscayne 56 floors 659ft Residential—Proposed
Marina Blue 57 floors 615ft Residential—Construction (Park West)
Dupont Plaza 60 floors 609ft Residential/Hotel—Construction
Dupont Plaza II 60 floors 609ft Residential—Construction
50 Biscayne 55 floors 554ft Residential—Approved
Everglades 49 floors 538ft Residential—Approved
Everglades 49 floors 538ft Residential—Approved
Island Gardens 48 floors 535ft Hotel/Residential—Approved
10 Museum Park 48 floors 528ft Residential—Construction (Park West)
Riverfront West 1 630ft Residential—Approved
Riverfront West 2 533ft Residential—Approved
Riverfront West 3 512ft Residential—Approved
Riverfront West 4 384ft Office—Approved
Riverfront East 1 601ft Residential—Approved
Riverfront East 2 501ft Residential—Approved
Riverfront East 3 500ft Residential—Approved
One Miami I 45 floors 480ft Residential—Construction
One Miami II 44 floors 460ft Residential—Construction
The Loft 23 floors 274ft Residential—Construction
Loft II 35 floors 433ft Residential—Construction
City of Miami Development 33 floors 357ft Residential/Parking—Approved
1001 Center 27 floors Office—Approved
Mirasol 24 floors 255ft Residential—Proposed
NeoLofts 21 floors Residential—Completed 2004
U.S. Courthouse 14 floors Office—Construction
Chanticleer 21 floors 196ft Residential/Office—Proposed
Riverview Square 8 floors 136ft Office—Completed 2005
Transit Village 17 floors Office—Construction
Galardi South 10 floors Retail/Nightclub—Proposed
City View 41 floors 418ft Residential/Parking—Approved
The Promenade
Downtown Overtown
Crosswinds 1,000 units

Civic Center:
Seybold Pointe 11 floors Residential—Completed 2005
Riverside 18 floors 190ft Residential—Proposed
Terrazas Park 20 floors Residential—Approved
Terrazas River 27 floors Residential—Approved
Miami Rivertown 35 floors 368ft Residential—Approved
Riverhouse 25 floors 299ft Residential—Approved
Brisas Del Rio 20 floors 247ft Residential—Approved
1690 North River 22 floors 240ft Residential/Office—Approved
Hidden Harbor 20 floors 200ft Residential—Proposed
Urban River 19 floors 197ft Residential—Proposed
Urban River II 19 floors 197ft Residential—Proposed
Miami River 16 floors 178ft Residential—Proposed
Wagner Place 17 floors 174ft Residential—Proposed
Miami CityView 13 floors 149ft Residential—Approved
Tuscan Place 13 floors 130ft Residential—Approved
Coastal I 12 floors 120ft Residential—Proposed
Coastal II 12 floors 120ft Residential—Proposed
North Riverview 10 floors 109ft Residential—Proposed
Amber Garden 10 floors 100ft Residential—Approved

The Grove:
Mercy Hosp. 33 floors 389ft Residential—Proposed
Grovenor 33 floors 341ft Residential—Construction
Gateway to the Grove 12 floors Residential—Approved

River Rapids 1 17 floors 200ft Residential—Proposed
River Rapids 2 17 floors 200ft Residential—Proposed
River Rapids 3 17 floors 200ft Residential—Proposed
River Rapids 4 17 floors 200ft Residential—Proposed
River Rapids 5 17 floors 200ft Residential—Proposed
Blue Lagoon 17 floors 215ft Residential—Proposed (7 towers)
Mediterranean Tower, 15 floors, Lejenue Rd and n.w. 2 nd st., airport area.

Little Havana:
Capital Place 19 floors 181ft Residential/Office—Proposed
Capiro Tower 15 floors 150ft Residential—Approved
1377 Condo 15 floors 149ft Residential—Approved
VOA 12 floors 132ft Office—Proposed
Palma 14 floors 124ft Residential—Approved
Latin Q Tower 14 floors 122ft Residential—Approved
Ehden Place 13 floors 121ft Residential—Proposed
1800 Club 14 floors 120ft Residential—Approved
Nuevo Centro 11 floors 117ft Residential—Approved
San Lorenzo 10 floors 110ft Residential—Approved
Brickell West 10 floors 105ft Residential—Approved
216 SW 12 AVE 8 floors 100ft Residential—Approved
Brickell Vista 17 floors Residential—Construction
Douglas Place 14 floors Residential—Construction
Diamond 10 floors Residential—Proposed
Altos De Miami, 16 floor condo tower, Flagler st. and 22nd Ave
Capital Place 17 floors 167ft Residential—Proposed
World Crystal 12 floors 150ft Residential—Proposed


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