Building Profile: Soleil (Uptown)


Height: 43 floors (514ft)
Status: Approved

Developer: Leviev Boymelgreen Developers

Other Firms: Majestic Properties

Architect: Fullerton Diaz Architects
Address: 3100 Biscayne Blvd.
Analysis: This glassy modern-looking mixed used building marks the continuation of LB’s ambitious Miami plans. Although not as ambitious as the Marquis, another LB project, this interesting development does mark an important change in the high rise development patterns of Uptown. The vast majority of high rises in Uptown have been proposed or built east of Biscayne Blvd. This development indicates a departure from that and is not the only highrise proposed for the area west of the Boulevard. However, it was one of the first be proposed there aside from the monumental Midtown Miami project with its various phases. It can be argued that were it not for Midtown Miami, LB would not have ventured west of the Boulevard. This indicates an influence that will likely continue what is fast becoming a clear pattern of western high rise development in Uptown. A healthy one I might add. The design of the structure is aesthetically pleasing with an emphasis on glass versus concrete. Its vertical lines are sharp and the building lacks curves. Still, it is relatively tall, is sreading urban density west, and appears to be an elegant addition to the skyline.


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6 responses to “Building Profile: Soleil (Uptown)

  1. FrenchyMiami

    When do we see a beautiful article f yours on this monumental midtown project. I m curious to read your views on it and have inside info on whats happening there..

    Great job Bob!!

  2. Frenchy, I’m defintely going to be focusing on Midtown Miami soon. I will, as part of my overall analysis of Uptown, focus particulary on how the Midtown Project is affecting the areas immediately surrounding it. In my estimation what makes the Midtown Project so important is the potential effect it will have on surrounding development (primarily in Wynwood, the west side of Biscayne Blvd., and the Design District). The hypothesis is that Midtown Miami will serve as the main catalyst for (westward) development in Uptown. With projects like Cynergi, Soleil, and Boulevard being built along the periphery of Midtown, it already seems like the project is having a positive effect. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. FrenchyMiami

    This movie should be on your article on Midtown…

    I love it can’t wait it’s all done to see the movie again


  4. It’s funny that you mention this video cause I was going to post it acouple of days ago. Are you a Midtown buyer?

  5. FrenchyMiami

    Indeed I am and I am heading a group of investors in that project. It s not massive but starting to be around 20 people..

    I think it is has good prospect for long term investors and I like the location better than downtown overall. There are a few hurdles on the way but i still am very optimistic on it especially on a Art Basel time of the year…

  6. I agree that the project is an excellent longterm investment, and probably the most important project in all of Miami. In a way, it is like Miami’s version of the Rockeffeller Center in that it will be somewhat of a self-contained city within a city.

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