What is BOB Miami?

I’m Miami BOB. I believe that Miami’s continuing development boom is phenomenal and is going to lead to it becoming a world class metropolis. I am native to the city and have been watching it’s growth with eager eyes since I can remember. This current boom is unlike any other in Miami’s history, and American Urban history will defintely take notice of it. If this current boom busts and most of the buildings get stalled or are never built, then it will be a devastating real estate crash that would go down as one of the largest on record. But, if the growth continues near the current level of activity, either residential or commercial, then Miami as we know it, will become a city that will impress the whole world with the massive scale of its new urbanity.

The density begins in the city of Miami’s Central Business District and spreads out in all directions, with pockets of rising density throughout the county. I will navigate you through the news, data, maps, neighborhoods, and articles that involve Miami’s continuing growth. MiamiBoomOrBust.com has gathered and cited as many sources as can be compiled on the subject, analyzed the information, composed articles and illustrations to provide a Big Picture Analysis. And Hopefully you, the reader, will contribute with your own opinion, pictures, and information.

We do not endorse or sell any units or new or existing construction projects. We are documenting the historic growth and development of a city that is fast becoming one of the Western Hemisphere’s most important centers of civilization. Based out of Miami’s Central Business District, we are in the trenches of activity. We take it one report at a time, go from neighborhood to neighborhood, and scrutinize one developer at a time. We are interested in everything having to do with subject.

Miami is a different kind of United States metropolis. It’s the country’s southernmost metropolis. It’s the hemisphere’s only truly bilingual metropolis–fifty percent of the population speak Spanish and English. It is situated in a tri-county area that sees over 80% of the international trade between North and Latin America, except Mexico. It is has large Central and South American as well as Caribbean communities. European interest in the city has spanned the eighties and early nineties into the new millennium with renewed fascination. The Winter Music Conference sees thousands of international world-renown DJ’s, mostly European. Switzerland based Art Basel, has brought Miami to the international art spotlight. The world’s top two luxury fashion companies have their Latin American headquarters here. It is Florida’s most populous metropolis. The city’s beaches have the warmest and clearest water in the continental United States, according to the Travel Channel. South Beach has the largest concentration of historic Art Deco architecture in the country. The marvelous architectural backdrop is home to some of the country’s most luxurious, public and private, establishments. The nightclubs are usually intense, seemingly enumerable, immensely entertaining, and packed with great looking people, celebrities, and freaks. Miami has the highest concentration of new high density construction in the whole country.

There is a lot to say about what has happened in Miami, and a whole lot more to say about what is and what will be happening. Covering the Miami developmental scene is not as simple as one would imagine Miami, as a real estate market, is unlike any other in the country, on many different levels. We are here to talk about why and hear what you have to say about it.


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