Project List: Brickell Village

Capitol Towers I 64 floors 805ft Residential—Proposed
Capitol Towers II 64 floors 805ft Residential—Proposed
Four Seasons 64 floors 789ft Office/Hotel/Residential—Completed 2004
Infinity I 52 floors 604ft Residential—Approved
ICON Brickell 60 floors 586ft Residentail—Proposed
ICON Brickell 60 floors Residential—Proposed
ICON Brickell 51 floors Residential—Proposed

Plaza on Brickell 56 floors 585ft Residentail—Approved
Premiere Towers I 52 floors 579ft Residentail/Office—Approved
Premiere Towers II 52 floors 579ft Residentail/Office—Approved
Villa Magna I 52 floors 574ft Residential—Approved
Villa Magna II 52 floors 574ft Residential—Approved
Park Place II 32 floors 418feet Office—Approved
Jade Brickell 49 floors 528ft Residential—Completed 2005
1101 Brickell 74 floors 849ft Office/Residential—Proposed
Flatiron 73 floors 849ft Office/Residential—Proposed
Brickell CitiCenter 1 76 floors 808ft Residential/Office—Approved
Brickell CitiCenter 2 69 floors 790ft Residential/Office—Approved
Brickell CitiCentre 3 50 floors 808 feet Residential/Office—Proposed
Avenue 46 floors 495ft Residential—Approved
Espirito Santo 36 floors 487ft Office/Hotel—Completed 2004
Asia 36 floors 483ft Residential—Approved
1390 Brickell Bay 47 floors 478ft Residential—Construction
Latitude 42 floors 476ft Residential—Construction
Plaza on Brickell 43 floors 460ft Residentail—Approved
Point at Brickell 42 floors 442ft Residential—Approved
Brickell on the River 42 floors 423ft Residential—Construction
Brickell on the River II 46 floors Residential—Approved
500 Brickell 42 floors 423ft Residential—Approved
Vue at Brickell 37 floors 423ft Residential—Completed 2004
Axis I 37 floors 418ft Residential—Construction
Axis II 37 floors 418ft Residential—Construction
Park Place I 36 floors 413ft Residential—Construction
Club at Brickell 42 floors 411ft Residential—Completed 2005
Carbonell 39 floors Residential—Construction
Avenue 34 floors 400ft Residentail—Approved
The Beacon 36 floors 396ft Residential—Approved
Skyline at Brickell 34 floors 376ft Residential—Completed 2005
Skyline at MBV 34 floors Residential—Construction
NeoVertika 35 floors 369ft Residential—Construction
Latitude One 23 floors 305ft Office—Construction
The Sail 29 floors Residential—Construction
Coral Station 28 floors Office/Residential—Approved
Reflections on the River 24 floors 283ft Residential—Approved
Emerald at Brickell 27 floors 270ft Residential—Contruction
Solaris 22 floors Residential—Construction
Brickell First 21 floors 215ft Residential—Proposed
Brickell Village 14 floors 173ft Office—Proposed
SMA Tower 649 feet
Brickell Station 56 floors 599ft Residential—Proposed
One Broadway 36 floors 439ft Residential—Completed 2005
600 Brickell 68 floors 903ft Office/Hotel/Residential—Proposed


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